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AdamEmulator is the World's First emulator of ADAM-5511 PC-based controller produced by Advantech. It was pretty long time to write and debug your programs, till now. No more long time uploads, you don't need a real controller to program it either. This program contains all you need to write a code and generate tested .exe programs which can be uploaded to the real controller. Emulator have configurator to support different modules, source editor with color highlighting and run panel to look at the controller's behaviour while your program is runnig. It saves much of your time.

This product is usefull for developers as well as for different educational institutions. It has already been used by different people to study Hardware Programming. If your educational institution would like to organize a course connected with Hardware Programming we will be happy to help and assist you with software and developing lecture set.

Interested in? Download it now!! It's FREE and easy, visit our downloads section. You can also browse through right menu to know more about AdamEmulator.

And don't forget to ask us questions! We're also waiting for your comments and suggestions about this program, so we can make it better and easier to use. Know more about development process here.

Adam-5511 is a PC based controller produced by Advantech. Visit www.advantech.com to know about Advantech. To know more about ADAM-5511 controller visit this page.

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