AdamEmulator - Features

AdamEmulator is more an Integrated Development Environment than an emulator. It has features that helps delopers to organize their job.

  • Project Management
    Organize your work in projects. Projects are the collection of settings and a controller configuration for current task. All you need to start is create new project and then open it back next time you start programming.

  • Conftoller configurator
    You can set controller configuration for the current task. The configuration is the set of modules the controller has. You simply put needed modules in slots as it was a real controller. Anytime you want you can get modules from controller and set anothers. For the present there are four types of modules controller supports:
    • 5051D
    • 5056D
    • 5024
    • 5017

    We will continue to add new modules. You can use contact form to request for modules you are interested in. As soon as we understand that some people interested in particulat module we will make it and include to the new version of our product. Note, that all people who have purchased the emulator until 28 of February, 2007 will recieve free upgrades to a new modules during 3 monthes.

  • Source Editor
    Source editor with syntax coloring supports C language.

  • Controller runtime view
    This view looks and reacts like real controller. You can work with it switching on/off digital inputs or setting voltage values on analog inputs. Output modules looks like real ones.

  • Program output view
    You can see what happens right now in the program, which runs on emulator. This information can be viewed in the separate window. To put some info to this window, just use standart "printf(...)" function in your program source code.

  • Help window with functions
    Help window contains supported functions. You can easily and fast view or memorize function parameters. You can also copy/paste some sample code.

  • Final .exe generation
    You can write, test and debug your programs until you get desirable results. Then it is time for final .exe which can be uploaded to the real controller.

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